Who I work with

I work with a range of clients including;

  • Therapist’s and small business owners to balance the energy of their business, clear blocks to income brackets, get clear on intentions, release fears about getting out there.
  • Mumma’s who are; looking to redefine their sense of centre, want to check what’s going on for their little one’s (for children 5 years and younger, we do this by using Mumma as a surrogate), or getting back to their hearts work in a balanced way.
  • Pregnancy & birth preparation
  • Kids experiencing big transitions, sleep problems, mental health, behavioural issues, learning difficulties and food testing
  • Individuals experiencing body pain, reoccurring injuries, nutritional imbalances or low vitality.
  • Men wanting to move past old patterns, relationships and spiritual connection
  • Spiritual seekers who want to; move through limiting patterns, find their hearts work, change careers, commit to study or raise their vibration to experience more joy and goodness in life.
Kinesiology for joy, abundance and flow