What to expect

Kinesiology sessions are unique, interactive and tailored to your specific needs.

In essence, our main session goal is to release old stagnant energy (on many levels of your being) so that you feel connected, clear, “in flow”, healthy and vibrant. Your body knows on a subconscious level what you need and what you need to release. The bio-feedback (muscle-testing) tool at the base of Kinesiology taps into this subconscious “mind of the Soul”.

You can expect a session to begin with getting clear on your goals/intentions and a discussion about some aspects of your client history form. Sometimes, in this initial chat, we realise some deeper goals/ desires that can be more of a priority or additional to your reasons for booking a healing.

You then remove your shoes and lay on your back on the massage table. I normally begin the session by explaining muscle testing and my way of working.

This is a great opportunity to ask questions or clarify anything that is unclear to you at this point.

From here I check your first level of health; nutrition, supplementation, sleep, your home/clinic space and your body. It’s important to note that I do note prescribe at all however I can check your nutrition levels and guide you to explore further with a qualified Naturopath/ Nutritionist/ Doctor etc.

The next step is exploring the root cause of your current complaints/ situation/challenge. Information will be pieced together here to form a picture or pattern that we will talk through to gain understanding. Sometimes the things that pop up initially may seem to not be linked to our presenting goal. Please be patient and trust that the treatment is Holistic and that it will all link up in time.

Sessions are interactive, informative and restorative.

After we have gained clarity and have a clear picture and understanding of what is going on, we will apply vibrational healing techniques. This is an opportunity for you to relax, let go and allow the old to lift away.