Topics covered in the KTK

Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing (Bio-feedback) is the first thing you will learn in the KTK. I teach you multiple ways to muscle test as well as self testing and surrogating. This tool is the core of Kinesiology and is simple to learn however does take some practice to master.

Muscle testing is a seriously handy way to literally talk to your body and tap into the subconscious. I use this tool EVERYDAY to confirm my intuition, test foods, decide what to buy, make decisions, identify emotional blocks, identify what my priority is for the day and so on. Its also great to test your loved ones and kids!

Energy Awareness

Energy Awareness

This is where we talk all things Energy. Everything is energy. There are high and low vibrations of energy and negative & positive. We will learn how to feel energy, clear energy, clear ourselves, loved ones, spaces and businesses. We go into entities, earth bound spirits, other attachments and how to release them.

We look at energy clearing tools and I give you a bonus energy clearing!

Chakra system


Chakras are energy vortexes that our chi moves through. The chakra system is an extensive energy map that shows us where our energy flows and what it looks like when it is blocked.

In this topic we will go through each of the main 7 chakras and look at what they link to including; foods, colours, crystals, hormones, body areas, how they present out of balance, in balance and much more.


Like acupuncture without the needles. Acupressure is the application of pressure on acupressure points. These points are found along the Chinese meridian system and relate to the 5 element (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.)

In this topic I teach you some powerful points to help release energy stagnation and to use as simple first aid. These points are safe and very effective to use. This topic touches the tip of the iceberg in the 5 elements and Acupressure. If you LOVE this and are interested in learning more WATCH THIS SPACE!!

Mini Kinesiology Sessions

We tie all of this information together using a protocol, scan sheets and demo videos. After completing these topics you will be able to confidently perform a mini Kinesiology treatment of yourself or your loved ones YAY! These tools can create BIG shifts and unlock more energy, flow, abundance, joy and fulfilment!

Online Kinesiology Tool Kit- with Lisa Carr

Bonus Material

  • Children and Kinesiology. The links between parents and their children’s energy, how to clear your home, clearing your children’s rooms, bed wetting, night terrors, navigating transitions for children, energetic techniques for children, the new waves of star seed children coming to Earth and how to nurture them and foster their amazing gifts.
  • Intuitive Eating. How to listen to your bodies nutrition needs, detox, plant based eating, healing with foods, foods that balance the chakras, tastes of the 5 elements, how to use muscle testing to choose your food, meal planning, raw foods, organic versus conventional and setting intentions in your food.
  • Journaling. Looking at all the different ways to journal to release emotions, connect to intuition and spirit guides, set goals and manifest!

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