The Nitty Gritty Details

The Kinesiology Tool Kit

Topics Covered

Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing (also known as Bio-Feedback) is the core of Kinesiology. This is how Kinesiologist’s “talk to the body” to get a response from a muscle reflex, in relation to questions and tests. This amazing tool taps into the subconscious (the body’s computer system) to quickly and easily pinpoint what the body needs in order to heal. It can be used to test foods, emotions, toxins, identify behaviours and many other things. It cannot however give information about something we don’t know, like the future or lotto numbers. It pulls on information that the body stores and taps into the body’s intelligence about what it needs. Cool yeah?

So we will learn how to test ourselves (3 different ways to self test), how to test others AND how to use someone as a surrogate (to test for someone not there or not able to be tested, like a baby.)

Energy Awareness

This is where we will learn all things ENERGY! Good energy, bad energy, how to clear our energy, the energy of spaces, businesses, negative energy, attachments and blocks in our bodies.


Chakra’s are energy vortexes and their systems help us to identify and understand how our energy flows through our system. We will learn the 7 major chakras, how they link to foods, colours, organs and more. Then we will use our muscle testing to identify blocked chakras and clear them!


Here is where will will learn about the 5 elements from the Chinese Medicine philosophy (briefly as there is SO much to learn!) We will learn what the elements relate to (colours, seasons, tastes, feelings, emotions), the meridians and some basic acupressure points that are very effective for getting our energy unstuck and flowing.. Then we will put everything we have learnt together into our mini Kinesiology balances and practice on each other!

What to bring

Bring along a pen and notebook if you’d like to make notes. You will receive a bound manual with all the content we will cover on the day including some protocols and scan sheets for your mini sessions.

If you’d like you can bring a cushion to be comfortable and some layers to keep warm.

Please bring a plate of vegetarian food to share for lunch.

Bring along a mug with a lid as herbal teas will be provided.

Structure of the day

We will learn each topic in the order they are listed. After each topic is taught we will have an opportunity to practice and discuss what we have learnt.

Throughout the day we will drop in to little meditations, visualisations or movement to keep us bright!

There will be live demo’s as I show you how to put things that we have learnt into practice and we will partner up multiple times throughout the day to practice.

Still not sure if the KTK is for you? Come along to my FREE Introduction to Kinesiology talk!

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