“When you first meet Lisa, you feel immediately calm and relaxed. She has a beautiful energy about her which instantly makes you feel comfortable. She takes the time to discuss your needs and then provides you with the knowledge and information to heal. I leave her appointments feeling amazingly inspired and loved” – Tanya, Mumma

“I have been lucky enough to have worked with Lisa more than once. She is a beautiful, intuitive woman who I trust implicitly with matters of the spirit. Her guidance is on point and I always leave a session feeling lighter and so much in tune. Thank you Lisa for all your great work that you do! ” – Ash, Naturopath

“Well your sessions were my first introduction to kinesiology and I fell in love with it. Generally I loved your friendliness and professionalism. I learned so much about my self during our sessions as well as having great benefits in eliminating pain, feeling energised and with a greater sense of life within and outside of me. ” – Aleks, IT Systems Engineer

“I just would like to say that when I first came to you for treatment I had so much trouble sleeping. I also felt very low emotionally. After the 1st and 2nd visit to you I was able to sleep better and felt a lot more centred. Thank you so much” – Dianna, Architect

“I highly recommend Lisa.  After my session I left feeling very peaceful. She helped make my goals clearer. She is warm and caring. I am grateful that I found her. ” – Susan, Yoga Teacher

“Lisa is my go to person when life seems to be falling apart!I know I can always count on her to get to the root of a problem and bring balance and healing whether it’s an emotional or physical issue or a nudge in the right direction if I am feeling ‘stuck’ at a cross roads.I have gained so much more self confidence in myself to find my own inner power and take control of my life and my health.Lisa has taught me how powerful our bodies are at healing themselves when they are given the help to do so.I have referred many people over the years onto Lisa when someone is in a crisis or in need of some guidance. Not only is Lisa a Kinesiologist she is a psychic and has a rare gift and I am so glad I met her as she has changed my life through her keen insight, wisdom and gentle healing. ” – Hayley, Photographer

“Lisa is a beautiful soul and my sessions with her helped me to survive some very tragic life events. She is kind, gentle and compassionate and I am forever grateful for her guidance” – Louise, Nurse

“Attending Lisa’s kinesiology appointments was genuinely so incredible. Walking out of each session you feel like a massive weight has been lifted off of you. Truly an emotional and enlightening experience.” – Chelsea, High School Student

“Lisa is a very kind and compassionate therapist who instantly had my children and myself feeling at ease in her presence, Lisa has a genuine caring nature with a excellent ability at uncovering issues from within, we found these sessions extremely helpful for our family moving forward, we are very grateful we found her.” – Julie, Massage Therapist