Online sessions, surrogates and remote testing

Online sessions

These sessions work almost exactly the same as in person sessions and sometimes they are stronger! Healing doesn’t need a set distance to be effective. Because we are tapping into the astral and subconscious when healing and shifting energy we are not restricted by space and time.

When performing an online session, a Kinesiologist uses themselves as a surrogate to test for you. This is something that I often do when you come in for an in person session too. When I am flicking through information, it is quicker for me to test my own muscle with the intention that it is gathering information for you.

A Kinesiologist will then use all the same clearing techniques, modifying them slightly when working online. I may guide you to hold certain points we are clearing, use sound or palo santo to cleanse your system or perform clearing on your system remotely. My clients are amazing at how effectively these sessions work!


This is when we use the muscle of someone else, to test for someone that is absent or hard to test. For example. If you are wanting to get some information for your baby, it is not possible to get a muscle response from a babies muscle. So I will use a parents muscle and body system with he intention that we are testing for your little one. Likewise sometimes if kids are young and full of energy, it can be hard for them to sit for long periods and be tested. Therefor I can work on your children using you as a surrogate. This is often more effective as I can calmly focus on testing and clearing in stead of entertaining your child while performing the session.

Remote Testing

Is where I use myself as a surrogate to test information for your system and perform clearing on myself, again as a surrogate. This is a great option if you can’t make an online/ phone appointment or would like some online nutrition testing for yourself or your family. I complete this process remotely and then send you an email summery of what came up and any further actions you need to take.