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What is Kinesiology

What is Kinesiology

Some of the benefits you may experience, following a session, include feeling;

  • Light, as though a weight has been lifted
  • Clear (clarity of thoughts, goals and a noticeable twinkle in their eyes)
  • Connected and calm
  • Present in the moment (relaxes the busy thoughts)
  • Open heart and better posture
  • Free of unhealthy cravings
  • Free of pain and symptoms of disorder
  • Motivated to make changes, take steps, this feels easy and aligned
  • A series of events take place following a session that provide information or opportunities to move forward
  • Energised, excited and uplifted
  • Connected to purpose and life direction
  • Connected to Higher self and spiritual energy

When would you see a Kinesiologist?

My clients come and see me for a variety of reasons. Some are going through trauma, illness, pain, or big life changes. Some have relationships they are wanting to improve, others have goals they are attempting to reach in their personal growth or businesses.

You may choose to see a Kinesiology for self care and re alignment, for a few consecutive sessions to overcome a particular block in your life, or book in monthly keep on track.

Kinesiology quickly gets to the core of issues, blocks in your subconscious and releases stagnation in your naturally flowing and abundant energy. Therefor regular Kinesiology is an essential and life changing modality for anyone wanting to experience a better life, on all levels!

Kinesiology is great for..

Kinesiology sessions are unique, interactive and tailored to your specific needs.

In essence, our core session goal is to release old stagnant energy (on many levels of your being) so that you feel connected, clear, “in flow”, healthy and vibrant. Your body knows on a subconscious level what you need and what you need to release. The bio-feedback (muscle-testing) tool at the base of Kinesiology taps into this subconscious “mind of the Soul”.

You can expect a session to begin with getting clear on your goals/intentions and a discussion about some aspects of your client history form. Sometimes, in this initial chat, we realise some deeper goals/ desires that can be more of a priority or additional to your reasons for booking a healing.

You then remove your shoes and lay on your back on the massage table. I normally begin the session by explaining muscle testing and my way of working.

This is a great opportunity to ask questions or clarify anything that is unclear to you at this point.

From here I check your first level of health; nutrition, supplementation, sleep, your home/clinic space and your body. It’s important to note that I do note prescribe at all however I can check your nutrition levels and guide you to explore further with a qualified Naturopath/ Nutritionist/ Doctor etc.

The next step is exploring the root cause of your current complaints/ situation/challenge. Information will be pieced together here to form a picture/ pattern that we will talk through to gain understanding. Sometimes the things that pop up initially may seem to not be linked to our presenting goal. Please be patient and trust that the treatment is Holistic and that it will all link up in time.

Sessions are interactive, informative and restorative.

After we have gained clarity and have a picture and understanding of what is going on, I will apply vibrational healing techniques. This is an opportunity for you to close your eyes, relax and allow the old to lift away.

Some of the tools I may utilise throughout your session include:

  •  Chakra balancing and information
  •  Acupressure points, meridian clearing & Chinese 5 Element Theory
  •  Sound Healing using Tuning Folks
  •  Crystal placement and amplification
  •  Flower Essence, essential oils & healing sprays
  •  Mediumship and Spirit Guidance
  •  Sage & Palo Santo cleansing (smudging)
  •  Visualisations and Meditations
  •  Affirmations and Goal setting
  •  Space Clearing and balancing

I work with a range of clients including;

  • Therapist’s and small business owners to; balance the energy of their business, clear blocks to income brackets, get clear on intentions, release fears about getting out there.
  • Mumma’s who are; looking to redefine their sense of centre, want to check what’s going on for their little one’s (for children 5 years and younger, we do this by using Mumma as a surrogate and look into nutrition, allergies, clear blocked emotion ect) or who want to align or get back to their hearts work in a balanced way.
  • Individuals experiencing body pain, reoccurring injuries, nutritional imbalances or low vitality.
  • Spiritual seekers who want to; move through limiting patterns, find their hearts work, change careers/commit to study or raise their vibration to experience more joy and goodness in life.
Kinesiology for joy, abundance and flow
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