Kinesiology Sessions – Melbourne

To book a Kinesiology session in person or online with Lisa click here to be directed to my online booking form.

Wondering when to see a Kinesiologist? What to expect? I use an abundance of gentle & magical vibrational tools & remedies and work with a range of humans.

What is Kinesiology

What is Kinesiology

Some of the benefits you may experience, following a session, include feeling;

  • Light, as though a weight has been lifted
  • Clear (clarity of thoughts, goals and a noticeable twinkle in their eyes)
  • Connected and calm
  • Present in the moment (relaxes the busy thoughts)
  • Open heart and better posture
  • Free of unhealthy cravings
  • Free of pain and symptoms of disorder
  • Motivated to make changes, take steps, this feels easy and aligned
  • A series of events take place following a session that provide information or opportunities to move forward
  • Energised, excited and uplifted
  • Connected to purpose and life direction
  • Connected to Higher self and spiritual energy