Evergreen Online Kinesiology Tool Kit

Learn at your own pace with this beautiful online course. You will have full access to the course that you can come back to again and again to work with. Includes a full printable manual, 4 module videos, practical demo videos as well as bonus topics with videos. Connect with other students in our thriving community and receive email support from me for 10 weeks after you begin the course.

Bonus Material

  • Children and Kinesiology. The links between parents and children’s energy, how to clear your home, clearing your children’s rooms, navigating transitions for children, energetic techniques for children, the new waves of star seed children coming to Earth and how to nurture them and foster their amazing gifts.
  • Intuitive Eating. How to listen to your bodies nutrition needs, detox, plant based eating, healing with foods, foods that balance the chakras, tastes of the 5 elements, how to use muscle testing to choose your food, meal planning, raw foods, organic versus conventional and setting intentions in your food.
  • Journalling. Looking at all the different ways to journal to release emotions, connect to intuition and spirit guides, set goals and manifest!

10years + of my knowledge, experience and research is available to purchase!

This course will be available from early April. Contact me to register your interest.

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