Creating your ideal life

This is one of my most favourite things to do in clinic!

This is where we identify and get really clear on your true desires in relation to an area of your life, or all areas. Let’s use ideal job as an example. What we would do in this case, is talk about and create a list of all the things you’d love your ideal job to be. This is about letting go of the how and only focusing on the best case scenario you could imagine.

For your ideal job we would discuss and list all the specific details that are important to us. This could include; which industry it is in, how far it is from home, how we feel in the role, the pay, our boss, our coworkers, the culture and feel of the workplace, the things we get out of the job and so on.

Once we have a beautiful big list, I will check that all the details are in alignment for you, we will then work on clearing any resistance or blocks to manifesting this!

By focusing on what we want to create, the problems, blocks, low energy, pain in our body, anxiety, restlessness ect naturally fall away and are released.

By working in this way. We shift our energy to feel into and embody what we want, as opposed to focusing on trying to understand and release what we don’t want. See the difference?

Did you know that your nervous system, body and subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what we are imagining or feeling is real? SO in order to change, move forward and attract what we want, we need to act and feel as if we have already made the change!

So now my question to you is.. what does your ideal life look & feel like? Are you ready to embody it now?

If you’d like some assistance getting clear on this and release your resistance to it, come along for a session with me! I promise you won’t regret it!

Love Lis xoxo