About Lisa

Lisa Carr

Diploma of Health Science, Holistic Kinesiology

Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner

Hello, my name is Lisa

Hello my loves, my name is Lisa

I have been practicing Kinesiology for 13 years and I am passionate about all things healing, the human Spirit, the Soul, growth, the subconscious, living our best lives, uplifting the consciousness of the planet, awakening and making beautiful connections with like minded beings, like yourself.

I live in paradise in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges of Melbourne with my husband and partner in crime as well as my gorgeous little humans Mirabel and Kalden.

As well as creating my little children, I have also created an organic vegetarian cafe/ juice bar (what a journey that was!) and am currently renovating my gorgeous home in Monbulk.

I am passionate about wholesome, sustainable living, community, I LOVE nature and the cycles of the Earth, dancing, French style, Japanese culture, beautiful things and the SUN!

I am so lit up by holding space for my clients and encouraging them to make big changes in their lives to experience joy, connection, flow and abundance.

I am now offering Kinesiology Courses to learn Kinesiology in Melbourne. Check out my courses page for more info.